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                                                                    Willkommen bei VetMedTec               Welcome to VetMedTec


                                                New, second hand or refurbished Medical Equipment and Services for private practices and hospitals

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                                                                                                              Please visit our specials under " Sonderangebote"

used, second hand, resale,refurbished greyscale and colour doppler ultrasound systems, probes
used, second hand, resale stationary X-ray equipment
used, second hand, resale mobile x-ray systems 
new transportable x-ray systems
used, second hand, resale endoscopy systems
new and used second hand, resale ECG systems
new surgery and treatment tables
used, second hand, resale c-arms
used, second hand, resale CT
used, second hand, resale MRT
bulletTechnical Service, maintenance, repairs, spareparts for used equipment and out of service machines
bulletWe install, deinstall medical equipment and machines
bulletNew ultrasound systems from MINDRAY as well as DRAMINSKI

Siemens ECG ; Olympus Endoscopes; Siemens Ultrasound Systems(Sonoline®); Siemens Atlas X-ray; Siemens Vertix X-ray; Siemens Uroskop B; Siemens Siremobil C-Arms; Siemens Mobilett; Siemens Uroskop B; Siemens Somatom CT; Siemens Magnetom MRT; AGFA Curix; Schiller ECG; AGFA Lasercameras; AGFA Development systems;

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Veterinär Medizin Technik, Thüringer Weg 21, 14621 Schönwalde, Germany; Tel.: 0049-3322-421900, Fax: 0049-3322-4219018

E-Mail: info@vetmedtec.de


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